CASSIA ANGUSTIFOLIA – Senna (from Arabic sanā), the sennas, is a large genus of flowering plants in the legume family Fabaceae, and the subfamily Caesalpinioideae. The leaves are pinnate with opposite paired leaflets. The inflorescences are racemes at the ends of branches or emerging from the leaf axils. The flower has five sepals and five usually yellow petals. There are ten straight stamens. The stamens may be different sizes, and some are staminodes. The fruit is a legume pod containing several seeds. Our South Origin - Tinnevelly Senna is Cultivated more than a decade in and around Tuticorin. It’s cultivated in Tinnevelly District, Tuticorin District & Virudhunagar District of Tamilnadu State. Our soil is semi dry land. It’s well grown and specialty is the Leaf comes with strip, sharp(not broken), green color with high SENNOSIDE content. We feed our farmers GOOD AGRICULTURAL PRACTISE & GOOD HARVESTING TECHNIQUE via Organic manure

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